Manufacturer Information

We are currently seeking 3rd party manufacturer's of device's that can meet the below specification. If you are interested in becoming a manufacturer and meet the manufacturer requirements then please send us an email on

Minimum Product Specification

Base Unit:

  • Celeron J4125 CPU

  • 8GB DDR4 RAM

  • M.2 2280 128GB SATA SSD

  • RJ45 PoE


  • SDR 1- Pre-tuned to ADSB (1090 MHz) configuration (RTL 2832 Standard)

  • SDR 2- Pre-tuned to Airband Frequency (118-136MHz) including airband filter and amplifier

  • SDR 3- Pre-tuned to L-Band Iridium Frequency Ranges. Must contain SAW Filter, LNA and SMA DC Block

  • SDR 4- Standardized SDR RTL 2832

SDR's should be powered from a USB Hub contained within the casing.


Antenna selection is left to the determination of the manufacturer but must include:

  • ADSB


  • L-BAND


Also required within the antenna section is a wireless N USB Adapter (or integrated network card) with 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz antenna.

Models and Casing:

Consideration for indoor and outdoor casing variants


Linux Ubuntu. DeFli Networks provide manufacturer with base ISO, manufacturer can develop on top of this if desired. Must boot from SD or eMMC.

Manufacturer Requirements

The following list contains the requirements we have for any manufacturer wishing to produce devices that will become part of DeFli Network, these are not negotiable
  • Proposed manufacturer must have a minimum of 3 years trading history including audited or validated accounts.

  • Proposed manufacturer must produce/assemble devices themselves and not via 3rd parties, with the exception of outer casing.

  • Proposed manufacturer must provide evidence of the ability to source component parts to produce batches of volume. Supply chain must be made visible.

  • Proposed manufacturer must accept credit/debit cards as a form of payment and must not charge cards until the device has shipped.

  • Proposed manufacturer must only use Rf components that have FCC (and/or other country specific agencies) approval.

  • Proposed manufacturer must provide D2C shipping services.

  • Proposed manufacturer must provider warranty and a customer support service.

  • Proposed manufacturer possesses the technical abilities to build a manufacturer specific GUI on top of the DeFli ISO template.