Drodec Network

A global drone detection, identification and disruption network


A global network of stations providing drone detection, identification and disruption service for government, military, law enforcement, infrastructure owners and private citizens. Covering 100% of all commercially produced drones.

A two step process


Forward Scattering Analysis

Forward scattering analysis using DeSky L-Band and VHF + DeFli GNSS as the base receiver and Iridium. Inmarsat and Galileo satellites as the transmitters.

Performs continuous detection on wave shape and RSSI.

If an anomaly is identified it is passed for AI/ML processing to determine the likely presence of a drone.


Packet Sniffing

All private drones must emit a data packet at least every 1 second. This is typically pre-built in to the manufacturing process. These packets are emitted on the 2.4GHx and 5Ghz frequencies.

Drodec Stations continuously monitor the following channels for these data packets

2400MHz to 2484MHz

2437MHz direct tune

5725MHz to 5875MHz

In a Packet

The data contained within a packet includes

  • SSID Number (Manufacturer Identifier)

  • Tag Number

  • Tag Length

  • OUI

  • ICAO Manufacturer Code

  • Serial Number

  • Latitude

  • Longitude

  • Altitude

  • GPS Co-ordinates

  • GPS Co-ordinates at take off

  • Speed

  • Heading

  • Broadcast Frequency

  • RemoteID

  • ADS-B Data

Conversion to Aviation Format

The position data from the data packets captured by our DRODEC Packet Sniffer Station's is converted in to standard aviation formats including our own "DeFliADSB". This enables overlay plotting on our DeFli UTM as well as direct feed in to ATC and Command Centers that use formats such as ASTERIX.

Using the Data


Drones are plotted and tracked in real-time on the DeFli UTM

Data Feed

Data is streamed to end-users in real-time via JSON and API

Counter Measures

Authorized users can deploy counter-measures such as jamming specific frequency channels

Product Options

DeFli UTM Integrated

Build DRODEC in to your DeFli UTM as one of our modular options and benefit from seeing live plotting and packet data of private drones in your airspace.

DRODEC Standalone

Use DRODEC as a stand-alone option and receive plotting and packet data of tracked drones in isolation.


Receive a real-time data feed in raw JSON format. Connect to your own mapping and data applications to visualize.

DRODEC Rapid Deploy

Rapid deployment of durable, outdoor DRODEC units to deliver localized detection.

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